When it's time to share
the truth about Santa...

When it's time to share
the truth about Santa...

Book Excerpt

To our curious daughter,

To our inquiring son,

You've finally asked

So, now the time's come...

To share this with you

But first you must trust

What we'll tell you is greater

Than you or than us.

This secret is huge,

The biggest you'll hear,

You'll remember it now

And year after year.

You've asked the tough questions - 

Is he real? Is he true?

We'll tell you this much,

Santa's real, through and through.


He's closer than close,

And here's how our tale starts...

Santa Claus is us all,

He comes from our hearts.

Santa's Secret Squad


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About Us

We are a daughter-in-law and mother-in-law who worked together to create a book for us to share with the kids as they learn about Santa, so that the discovery is a positive one. 

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